• Talented, young and already spilling mad success in their League of Legends rosters.
  • New break-ins and rookies are capable of changing their teams around.
  • Most of these top dogs are South Korean… oh, yeah, they’re surely on to something.

Let’s face it: to be that young and already masters of their domain… no, wait, that’s not it (wink, wink). 

Anyhow, they’re the best at what they do and there’s no limit in sight for these fireballs. The likes of them have been popping up ever since the inaugural League of Legends esports Worlds season in 2011, and coming in to savagely change the scene. 

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These skilled under-20ers are already making it big in the LOL world, and we’re naming a few below, just to get the feels.  From rookies who changed up their teams upon joining, like Javier “Elyoya” Prades, who got himself the 2021 LEC Spring Rookie of the Split award and was a massive contributor to his team’s MAD Lions’ win, to players who take on their team’s fate single-handedly and run with it, these are some of the top pups in the field. 

Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin (Suning Gaming)

After coming in at 11th place in the LPL 2020 Spring split, Suning Gaming achieved 4th place in the LPL 2020 Summer and went on to win the LPL 2020 Regional Finals, qualifying for the Worlds 2020 among other achievements. The pivot in this sudden and overwhelming success rate plus huge progress was Chen Ze-Bin. He took on and challenged extremely dangerous players, such as TL Impact, TOP 369 and G2 Wunder, all at the jaw-dropping age of 18. In Worlds 2020, he swept up the second-highest Kill and Gold Shares, at 26 and 23.1% each, playing 19 matches and getting an average of 3.89 kills per game, plus the second highest CS per minute.

“Canyon” Geon-bu

Damwon KIA –the champs at the 2020 Worlds, LCK 2020 Summer, and LCK 2020 Summer Playoffs– have a sure-fire ace up their sleeves. Canyon, a 20-year old South Korean who joined Damwon KIA at 17 and has never left the team, is the piece de resistance. Having finished in first in Worlds 2020 with an 82.4% win rate, and holding at this very moment the highest gold per minute at 372, makes him the most efficient jungler in the under-20 category.

Vincent “Vetheo” Berrié

This 19-year old French midlaner started out at the TP Adequat Academy and a few months later was thrown into the maelstrom of the big leagues, managing to win the EM 2020 Spring Main Event. Since joining the Misfits Gaming, the team’s overall picture has been very favorable. They are currently tied in second place with a 10-5 record.

Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság

MAD Lions is the proud bearer of our next-up Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság, a 19-year old Czechian player. His debut in the pro scene was at a mere 14 years old, and has since played for 13 teams, which makes Carzzy (let’s stick with his nickname) a force to reckon with.

The LEC Spring 2021 Playoffs were filled with his fireworks, with his first place in average kills per game (5.31%), assists (6.46%), plus a win rate at 69.2%. Carzzy can go up against the best ADCs and even challenge players like DK Ghost, C9 Zven, and RNG Gala, without cramping his style. 

Ryu “Keria” Min-seok

As Support, this 18-year old South Korean can go up against other highly-experienced supports without breaking up a sweat. He has even been holding his own in the LCK Summer 2021 split although his team T1 is battling it out in general. He even enjoys the most gold out of any other supports, which is weird to say the least. In the LCK Summer split he holds 8.5K and furnishes 13.7% of the team’s total in gold.

Now, there’s a Dream Team just waiting to be picked off the ground.

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