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2020 LCK Summer Split’s Grand Return

The LCK is making its grand return on June 17th for the much-awaited 2020 Summer Split. This means 10 of the maddest South Korean League of Legends teams will be bashing for the chance to represent their region at this year’s World Championship. LCK has five Worlds winning runs, besides being the world’s most decorated league. This year, the top 3 squads from the Summer Split will go on to Worlds and face off against teams from North America, Europe, China, etc.

In recent years, Korea has fallen behind and has been taken over by China; the latter was the most dominant region in 2018 and 2019, with Europe a close 2nd, but this year –at the Mid-Season Cup- Korea was second behind China; it appears Korea is looking to take back its past international success. LCK’s top dogs are T1, Gen.G, and DragonX, with KT Rolster and Afreeca Freeca prowling the premises. Be sure to head over to to stream the awesomeness. Esports Betting

Schedule these meets for the  2020 LCK Summer Split; they’re going to be mad!

Wednesday, June 17

3am CT – Afreeca Freeca vs. Sandbox

6am CT – DragonX vs. T1

Thursday, June 18

3am CT – KT Rolster vs. Dynamics

6am CT – Prince vs. Hanwha Life

Friday, June 19

3am CT – Sandbox vs. Damwon

6am CT – DragonX vs. Gen.G

Saturday, June 20

3am CT – Afreeca Freecs vs. Dynamics

6am CT – T1 vs. Hanwha Life

Sunday, June 21

3am CT – KT Rolster vs. Gen.G

6am CT – Prince vs. Damwon

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