• Arcane tops Netflix charts with Act 2
  • 50 countries join in on the hubbub
  • Show reaches top 2 in the U.S.

Arcane is busting out of its stitches with its Act Two, and there are theories being thrown about regarding its popularity. The bubbles damn overflowed the bathtub, man.

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Arcane, Riot Games’ animated series, has been collecting newer and awesomer accomplishments with each passing day. In fact, the animated TV show, with its release of Act Two, has taken over popularity levels and has been sitting at the top in the staggering amount of 52 countries. According to trusty data collectors, the show is also sitting at the much-coveted Top 2 spot in the United States, and is dominating Netflix charts in 38 countries, so that’s gotta sting some.


Arcane is not only focused towards the tons of League of Legends fans and stans, but it’s also impressing newbies from the world of non-Rioters. Part of the animated show’s appeal is the explanation of the back-stories of the main characters: this means that if you’re a newcomer, you’re not gonna stick your nose in a party where everyone knows each other and you’re left to warm the wall with your butt. This means that, even if you’re not a fan/stan, you will still get the pic and still get to enjoy it. As for the fandom, the series works as story for the origins of their well-known League champs such as Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, and Jayce, so it feels familiar, like their own pair of stinky socks. Hell yeah, they got it all covered.


The animated series has stunning visuals and animations, and it seems they pair them up accordingly with riveting storylines and well-rounded characters (well, at least that’s what Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB rave about.) The format for Arcane is set on releasing three episodes per week, which is a pretty good speed to let one catch up with the show and still get to chat with other fans to whip up conspiracies, I mean, theories, as to what did who and who did what. There’s a pretty good chance the format helped it grow the way it did. Now, it seems people will be dangling from the cliffhanger that Act Two left, the promise that Act Three will be the climax of the series. Hell, this could even break a record… or not.

Well, just so you know, Act Three is releasing this November 20th on Netflix; you still have time to get yourself some snacks, a nice chair, or payamas, or whatever floats your boat, and set your arse down to view the next act of the series. If you want to, that is. Not my beeswax.

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