So there’s a guy, an NBA guy, a Boston Celtics’ guy, who thinks League of Legend’s players are way more toxic than the guys he plays with, and I mean sports dudes.

Celtics’ small forward Gordon Hayward had a recent Twitch broadcast in which he had a blast with himself, joking that the LoL players are “100,000 percent” more toxic than NBA players, and went on to set a make-believe NBA scenario in which they would BM as much as your everyday Riot’s MOBA dudes.

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Hayward said, “I can’t imagine being on a team in the NBA where they were as toxic as they are in League of Legends. If you missed a three-pointer or something, like everyone else on the team starts flaming you, like ‘best three-point shooter NA.”

So yeah, some of the LoL guys trash-talk and everything, but I’m pretty sure the toxicity gap is a little overdone. I mean, LoL players do have a tendency to compare peers to their opposite team’s lane opponent with stuff like “jungle diff” or “ADC diff” but Hayward went ahead and used this in his made-up scenario, where his ‘nightmare dream team’ NBAers would go totally toxic saying “small forward difference” or “center difference” to their teammates.

Well, toxic and all, Hayward is holding Gold 4 and going for Platinum again, so I’m guessing the Rift isn’t such a bad place after all, now is it?

Seeing that the corona-V put some ‘humorous’ perspective into it, and with the Celtics’ third season now benched for the quarantine, the Rift seems Hayward’s way to go.

Maybe Hayward is comparing apples and pears? Esports doesn’t really play out the same way that a basketball match would. Sure, team work can be JUST as important, but the dynamics behind esports play are entirely different and, some even might say that competitiveness amongst peers is even higher than in other sports leagues. (I am getting emotional here… )

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