The time’s come to take a look at the European side of things, and enjoy some of the best League of Legends action taking place this weekend. This is a fight to the death as each squad will bring it all to the field to secure a spot to the playoffs, and perhaps even into the wider world stage.

Hurry Up because the LEC Summer Split matches are currently ongoing, and the Weekend’s Top Match is only a few hours away. As is tradition, at eFCKNsports you will find all the scoop for you to lock down your bets on the hottest matches taking place this Saturday and Sunday, including betting odds courtesy of our dear friends at LevelUp.bet.


LEC Summer Split Betting Odds

Fix your minds to the fact that the LEC matches are taking place in Europe through the late afternoon, which means, we’ll have streamed action starting as early in the morning as 8 am EST, and they go on until noon. The weekend’s top match is perhaps today’s encounter between MAD Lions and Rogue, which is set to start at noon ET.

Below the upcoming matches with betting odds *


10 AM ET – Fnatic -196 ml vs exceL +154 ml

11 AM ET – Misfits +247 ml vs G2 -333 ml

12 PM ET – MAD Lions -147 ml vs Team Rogue +115 ml


8 AM ET – Team Vitality -102 ml Misfits -132 ml

9 AM ET – MAD Lions -244 ml vs Schalke 04 +178 ml

10 AM ET – Team Rogue -222 ml vs Origen +161 ml

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*Odds are subject to change.