• Cloud9 wouldn’t take another year just sitting on their asses and watching Worlds
  • They slayed rivals TSM to make way for 100T
  • Finished as Spring Split champs but enter Worlds as final North American team 

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LCS Championship 2021 

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August 28th, 20215PM-ETCLOUD9-132100T+106

*Odds are subject to change.


All it took for Cloud9 was one year of missing the League of Legends World Championship to feel the shellshock and pull themselves together to go for it. No more watching others hit the jackpot, no more sideline action. They went all in.

Cloud9’s 3-2 victory over rivals TSM allowed them to grasp (at the last moment, so here’s some humble pie) the last North American spot left to enter the 2021 League of Legends World Championship. Sure, it wasn’t easy; even TSM made weird, non-traditional changes to up the ante, such as putting pressure on early in the game (they’re not known for this type of action, so maybe they should’ve stuck to stuff they know best.) True, it helped them dominate most of the game, but overall they lost it by missing skillshots and falling to Cloud9-commanded teamfights.

Cloud9 made up for all their deficits when they got to game 4. Carries Perkz and Zven had privileged positions to deplete the enemy with few abilities squandered; these two carries eventually helped C9 make up for all the errors made last year. Like that phoenix brb, they snapped right back up and barely made it by the hairs of their nape into the 2021 World Championship.


C9 finished the year as the Spring Split champions last year, but barely got through to the World Championship, so they’d better not get cocky. They’ve got Blaber, Zven, and Vulcan returning to Worlds after two years of drooling for it, while Fudge and Perkz are part of a North American team for the first time at Worlds; they had been Oceania and Europe material before that, if you recall.

So Cloud9 got their foot in Worlds’ door and also continue with the LCS Championship, but TSM didn’t get it too scruffy either: Summer Split champs and Summer Split MVP candidate in Spica are not just some middle-of-the-road goodies. Let’s just say they got some pretty darn good consolation stuff. 

As for C9, they are now progressing in the LCS Championship’s lower bracket and going on to clash and scuffle with 100 Thieves, their new bracket Nemesis; and the team left standing will go on to battle a very daunting Team Liquid (who just recently earned “final boss” status) for the finals.

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