RIOT Games - League of Legends


Riot Games announced a couple of days back that co-streaming will be back for the 2020 LCS Summer Split, but only for a group of content creators picked beforehand (yeah, selective af.)

So, this means streamers and analysts of the favorite kind can stream professional League of Legends games LIVE. Dudes like Nick “LS” De Cesare can stream their asses off, say what they want during the game at hand, and the fans can hear them say it. Co-streaming is cool since your favorite streamer/analyst can give you a different take while letting their personality loose so fans can enjoy the game even more. Or hate it even more. Or ignore it even more. Whatever tickles you. Hey, talking about streaming, you can get your fix going on


The Riot Games co-streaming service has also evolved much like a Pokemon, since it’s now allowing the streamers/analysts they hand-picked to even host guests on their streaming show. Plus, Riot Games will be asking their broadcast partners to participate in the next LCS Split as well. But, ha! There is a strict set of rules and statements regarding co-streaming that they can’t waylay, so yup, there’s the punchline.

Either way, all this complication has to do with inclusion and attracting viewership (there be no free lunches, they say) but I guess we all end up winning. You can be sure someone like “LS” Cesare is respected, unbiased and is not casting the game. It’s just his take, wrong or not, on the competition. Stream hard!

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