What? World’s ended ONLY a month ago? – Who Cares. Let’s gear up for the earliest showcase of top LOL esports action, the 2021 LEC Spring season. 

It’s never too early to enjoy good play by the top athletes in the league; League of Legends European Championship -which is what LEC actually stands for- was announced for kick-off on January 22nd, and it will showcase some of the brightest talent on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. This time as well, according to league insider reports, it will be a wholly online affair!

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What do We Know about LEC in 2021?

Not all that much to be perfectly honest. There isn’t yet a “calendar” of games per se, or even the slightest idea which two teams will start in the kick-off match. Nonetheless, according to the talk in Euro LoL-town, the way the LEC folks have tended to work the initial game is to feature the two best teams from the previous season’s Grand Finals, so, presumptively, we might be looking at a rematch between Fnatic and G2 Esports. 

Talent trading between the two teams over the last year sparked a supposed rivalry that will linger on into 2021, as Fnatic veteral Rekkles will be part of G2’s roster this time around. 

Even though the Worlds’ final saw a little audience participating in the live event, there’s no indication that LEC plans to return to a live format any time soon, or that they will once again occupy the Berlin venue, so we should expect the entire schedule to work alongside last season’s online only format… unless, they decide to change their minds at the last minute!

We will keep you posted with all the soon-coming updates on the shape and full character of the 2021 LEC Spring season.

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