EDG started out the first round of the 2020 LPL Spring Split playoffs pretty slick by blasting away RNG and moving on to the quarter finals, which will be held on April 25 at 4am CT.

Edward Gaming beat Royal Never Give Up 3-1 and gets to move on to face FunPlus Phoenix (LOL world champs) at the LPL quarter finals, which you can catch at LevelUp.bet streaming. EDG had chosen laner Aodi and jungler JunJia over Jinoo and Jiejie to go against the RNGs; the latter had Betty manning the bot lane and ADC Uzi on the bench. The Aodi and JunJia combo went all out and over the head of RNG’s uncoordinated team. On the RNG side, ADC Betty had all the team’s resources but couldn’t deal enough damage. Betty finally teamed up with Varus to make the most damage, but EDG got the gold advantage early in the game, winning the game pretty comfortably.

RNG had never before been eliminated so early in the LPL playoffs since joining the league, some 5 years ago.



As a tournament, the MSI 2020 has been at risk due to the coronavirus mayhem, and now Riot Games has definitely announced the cancelation of the event (no shit, Sherlock. Why wait so long?)

MSI’s cancelation was due to the COVID-19 aftermath, in spite of having been changed and changed to accommodate the date in hopes of travel restrictions being lifted for around-the-world teams to fly in, but no go. Changes in the global situation totally shat on the event’s hopes of rounding up world players to come out and play.

FOMOS then reported that, since MSI was canceled, Riot will increase the number of seeds competing at the upcoming World Championship, which you can also catch at LevelUp.bet streaming. Europe’s LEC and China’s LPL will get four seeds at the tournament, while VCS and PCS will get two seeds. There are still 3 months to go till the MSI’s kickstart date, but since North America and Europe are still under siege by the coronavirus, it’s better to kick it to the curb completely. So, now that MSI has been thrown out with the bathwater, let’s all give it up for the upcoming World Championship in November!

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