• Excel signs Patrik up again, plus one more dude
  • It’s a 2-year contract extension
  • Patrik will be manning the bottom lane next up

Excel Esports have not been that successful the past year, yet here they are, signing up Patrik again for next season. In fact, they signed him up pretty good. But, hell, it also seems Patrik was not to blame for the team’s crappy performance…

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The 21 year-old is definitely up to bat next season: Excel Esports has not only let him know they believe in him, but they also waved a contract-extension carrot in front of him for another two years to make it stick.

For a little backdrop, Patrik had joined Excel Esports at the 2019 year-end (he had had a very turbulent time with Origen before that.) They started out the following year by winning at the 2020 Neosurf Cup, but the Spring and Summer Splits kicked back at them and threw them down to seventh place, both seasons. They missed the playoffs and then this year, they just couldn’t bring their level up after that. Finishing with back-to-back 7-11 records, and eighth and seventh places in the spring and summer was a kick in the face for the team, which made their roster spin like a chicken on a spit, yeating and capturing multiple junglers and mid-laners in the meantime.


Last season, Patrik went with the fourth-lowest KDA among European ADCs and as a mid-tier marksman regarding damage numbers, but all in all, the 21-year-old’s numbers were actually affected not by his performance, but because of the team’s inconsistency, since they usually played the mid-lane with Nukeduck while shunning the P guy. Thusly, it seems like the damage wasn’t actually done by Patrik himself but by the team’s weird flexes. Or so it seems. Either way, the 2-year extension certainly seems they’ve seen the error of their ways, so there’s that…


The team’s roster is, of course, going to be announced in the upcoming weeks, but it has already revealed at least two re-signings, which is an interesting way to go. Not only Patrik was re-signed (mind you, there’s a hyphen) but Youngbuck was also signed up again as head coach. This leads us to believe they have been cherry-picking among the culprits of the team’s inability to hit the upper league levels and they’ve singled out those two.

Let’s see who else avoids the yeating…

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