Almost snuffed by DRX Pyosik, Faker escaped the jungler with a Zoe R in League solo queue; this allowed the T1 laner to get away even if he only had a smidgeon of health, this Monday. He also snagged a kill on DRX Pyosik while he was at it.

Basically, Pyosik glimpsed Faker’s failing health and decided to dive the mid tower with Lee Sin. That was a very ambitious move which proved to be fatal for the DRX jungler. Pyosik used Safeguard before Flashing on Faker and kicking him back, but Faker was having none of it. The LCK pro lambasted back using Sleepy Trouble Bubble, which started a pretty vicious timer, then later, a Portal Jump; Faker blinked while Pyosik was mid-air with Lee Sin’s Q and…well, to make an exciting and long-winded story of an upset short,  Pyosik’s Lee took massive destruction upon himself and was later finished off with a Zoe Q quickie by the Faker dude.


Nonetheless, Team DRX and Pyosik are currently leading the LCK Summer Split with a 9-1 record, while Team T1 and Faker are placing fourth with a 6-4 record… for the time being. Remember, we still have a hell of a lot of weeks in the 2020 LCK Summer Split to go, so nothing here is ever a sure thing. It ends how it ends, when it ends.

DRX is slated to play KT Rolster this upcoming July 23, which you can stream from LevelUp.bet. You can also stream T1’s upcoming game against Hanwha Life Esports this July 25 from LevelUp.bet, too.

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