It’s the upset king again, with Vici Gaming straddling the matchup and taking their win over defending world champs FunPlus Phoenix, in today’s sixth-week matchup of the LPL Summer Split.

Vici Gaming is known for upsetting tough League of Legends teams, and they had already proved themselves in the Spring Split against FPX. They proved it further with today’s 2-1 victory, which cemented their placecard in the race for the playoffs. This would be Vici Gaming’s fourth victory in a row and they destroyed FunPlus Phoenix’s 3-game win streak, which is totally mad skills.


Vici jungler Aix and bot laner iBoy, rookies of Vici Gaming, got their MVP titles for this geste. Furthermore, knowing their foe’s biggest strength was in their solo laners Khan and Doinb, coach focused on rotations and teamfights. No lane matchups here. Vici’s rookie roster, with iBoy as star player, is collecting more summer matches than spring ones, so the defending world champ FPX is gonna have to step it up to actually –uh- defend. Both will have to face off tough foes, with FPX against Top Esports on Saturday, July 11, and Vici taking on JD Gaming next Wednesday, July 15. Stream them all with

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