The Play-In Stage has delivered the last seeds for the upcoming League of Legends World Championship Group Stage, and, as is tradition, eFCKNsports has all the juicy details about the conformation of each different group, alongside some juicy betting odds for the early games.

Following their successes during the last Play-in games, Unicorns of Love & LGD Gaming joined early seeds Liquid and PSG to the Championship’s main event. More recently, all 16 teams have been placed into each one of the four existing groups for the competition, as shown below:

League of Legends World Championship – Group Listings 

Team ATeam BTeam CTeam D
LiquidPSG TalonLGD GamingUnicorns of Love
G2 EsportsJD GamingFnaticDragon X
Machi EsportsDAMWON GamingTSMFlyQuest
Suning GamingRogueGen.GTop Esports
Two teams from each group will then emerge to take part in the final round of the tournament that begins October 15th.  


Set up your alarm for “Insanely” Early!

According to esports action hub, the first games listed on their betting board will kick off very early on October 3rd (1st match starts at 2 am ET), so we suggest you adjust your alarm clock to a little bit after midnight to start enjoying the entire five-game sequence. 

Take a look at the complete Day 1 schedule of games, with the corresponding betting prices for each team, also courtesy of our friends at LevelUp. 

League of Legends World Championship 

Group Stage – Day One Betting Odds *

Oct 3 / 2 am ETTop Esports-769vsFlyQuest+440
Oct 3 / 4 am ETRogue-185vsTalon+138
Oct 3 / 5 am ETDAWMON Gaming-167vsJD Gaming+124
Oct 3 / 6 am ETGen.G-263vsLGD Gaming+182
Oct 3 / 7 am ETFnatic-172vsTeam SoloMid+128
*Odds are subject to change. 

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