In another ‘weird flex’ of the 2020 LCS Summer Split, making it almost impossible to predict how this summer is gonna be turning out, Immortals swept TSM this past weekend and took home their second victory.

In a dominant 38-minute matchup, the Immortals unrelently kicked ass while the star-studded TSM roster committed unusually bad mistakes and errors, practically giving up the match in a serving platter. Just think Doublelift and Biofrost getting caught out in the bottom lane… Plus, the Immortals knew exactly how to push forward every time they got the opportunity; this unexpected turn of events made Isaac “Azael” Cummings-Bentley –North American caster- comment that games like this are the matchups that make organizing power rankings difficult for the LCS, since most top teams have lost to low-ranking squads in the regular standings. Well, except for Cloud9.


Now take TSM: they were considered the second-best squad with their recent four-game victories, but last week it lost back-to-back games.  Immortals, on the other hand, haven’t won that many games, but have had impressive performances recently, with flashes of awesomeness against some of the best teams. You see, there’s nothing written in stone; more like on ice, where it disappears fast.

Upcoming week will have Immortals pitted against Golden Guardians and Counter Logic Gaming. You can catch it all on Friday, July 17, when the LCS returns, and by streaming all the matches through

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