• Hylissang gets two more years with Fnatic 
  • Apparently, Hylissang has talents others don’t have
  • Worlds to begin this upcoming October 5th

It’s an expansion contract for Fnatic’s Hylissang, which gives him two more years with the team. 

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It’s a ‘sign’ of the times: team  Fnatic’s support Hylissang has signed an extension to his contract giving him more time with the League of Legends team. The team announced they’re giving Hylissang the chance to stay on for two more years; they decided to keep him until the end of 2023. Not to point my finger towards anything yet, but they did spill the beans right before the team starts off on their Worlds 2021 Iceland trek, so there’s that…


Hylissang has been a part of Fnatic since December 2017 after being with Unicorns of Love for almost 4 years. But he’s done his homework with Fnatic. Up to now, he’s already won two EU LCS (now LEC) titles, plus he has one Worlds finals appearance in 2018 under his wing, against Invictus Gaming.

The official press release went on to state that they consider him a guy who can do stuff that others can’t (in the words of Fnatic League director Javier “Dardo” Zafra.) On the other hand, the hotshot support stated he was excited with his journey with the team and couldn’t wait to see what they could do in the future together. He further stated he believes they will be the best team in the LEC. That being said, he’s on for two more years. 


Fnatic featuring Hylissang will start on that ‘future together’ when the 2021 League World Championship gets back in the action this upcoming October 5th. 

If you recall, the League of Legends World Championship was due to take place in China; the plan was a multi-city tour that included five locations from Shanghai for the opening stage, and Shenzhen in the finals. But the ‘gift that keeps on giving’ (COVID-19) decided to throw in a new variant (Delta) just for kicks and messed it all up.

Riot had to make the tough decision to transfer Worlds 2021 from China to Europe, to Reykjavík, Iceland. Riot’s head of esports John Needham had expected to return to ‘some sort of normal in 2021’ but protocols for COVID-19 have made it hard to expect anything surefire at all.

But, hey… game’s still on! 

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