Week Five has been a shocker for most of us, who’ve complained about the lack of excitement surrounding the first four weeks of the LCS. It was the same ole expectations, such as Cloud9 kicking butts and TSM not kicking butts. It was like watching reruns.

Except Week Five stepped in and turned everything around. Dignitas got their first win, and then another one. TSM was pretty constant with a 0-2, but the real shock came from the Cloud9 squad, undefeated during the first round robin. They lost to 100 Thieves. Oh, the upturn and upset! (By the way, did you catch the game? You can stream it all on, you know.)


Some may feel frustrated at C9’s fail, and some may rejoice, but it’s actually pretty good for the league. In spite of it all, they are still favs for winning this split, but they should work hard to really make their victory legit, and improve their game level while they’re at it. All in all, the League voters are not concerned and expect C9 to bounce back “all fired up and ready to go” and, let’s be honest: those unpredictable outcomes are what makes the LCS even more exciting, while throwing off power rankings. Sweet.

C9 may not be looking too good this split, but they are truly going to stay as favorite going forward.

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