They couldn’t take the pandemic sitting on their bums anymore so Riot games went ahead and announced that the European and North American premier leagues for the LEC (League of Legends European Championship) were coming back this weekend to play TOTALLY ONLINE (Yeeeiiihhh! The discovery of hot water!). All this after both leagues were shut down last Friday because of the corona-v spreading like hell fire through Europe and North America. Again, like a stalking ex. Esports Betting, for gamers by gamers.

All LEC teams will be getting their fix at the Berlin training facilities, while Origen has its own playground at the Copenhagen training center. LEC had already been programmed to play online for the week of its pandemic postponement (that even sounded post-apocalyptic! ah?). Not every match will have a referee to make sure dudes stay healthy, but they are making sure to avoid cheating, or as they like to call it, competitive integrity. LOL, ok.

Due to the ongoing developments of the coronavirus pandemic we have decided to play the remainder of the 2020 LEC Spring Split 100% remotely online, with matches resuming Friday, March 20th. Additional cameras to monitor the rooms the players will compete in, fully monitoring voice communications, screen recording, and remote-control ability, on top of other measures currently being considered,” read LEC’s statement. That sounds just like any other day in a democratic country… CONSPIRACY ALARM!

LCS will also be returning online with a cranked-up schedule and mid-April final dates; plus, LCS commissioner Chris Greeley said that they would be putting in the same measures as LEC to, again, avoid cheating (why not just come out and say it, man? ‘Competitive integrity’ is just trying to make it sound pro, bro.)

Another league making a comeback as a totally online competition after the COVID-19 shutdown is South Korea’s LoL Champions Korea, with China’s LoL Pro League already there since March 9th. Yeap, we are f*cked again!

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