So, yeah, it’s the middle of the League of Legends offseason, but here’s to make your waiting worthwhile until the 2020 Summer Split: starting May 6th, the month-long League Community Showdown tournament will be kicking off starting May 16, with all six of the best of each team’s community.

LEC teams announced the clash between G2 Esports, Fnatic, MAD Lions, Excel Esports, Misfits Gaming, and Rogue; the only downside is that the rosters won’t be featuring any pros. The lineups will be made up of representatives from each fan base, so if any members of the European fandowm want to represent their favorite esports team on Summoner’s Rift this upcoming weekend, they can apply for the roster on their Discord server.

Some teams have even put up a Google Form for players may apply and send in a sort of resume to be chose, including Summoner Name, rank, Discord ID, and why they are the best choice. You might want to check the clash LIVE on LevelUp.bet; they’ve got some juicy betting stuff for you to look at… just saying 😉

Yup, it’s still one month more to go before the 2020 Summer Split, but here’s to a little bit of fun from the best EU teams that decided to fill the gap until the next game of pros.



The 23-year-old ADC spent one season in North America, and is now going back to Europe, joining Misfits Gaming to serve as their starting AD carry at the 2020 LEC Summer Split.

Kobbe was recently with TSM at in the 2020 Spring Split, but to no go; TSM said, “Unfortunately, it became apparent as the season progressed that the synergy within the bot lane—and between the bot lane and the rest of the team—was not developing fast enough to keep up with the top duos in the league.”

So Kobbe is now joining the Misfits, a team that will definitely welcome his experience, after being brought to a stop against Rogue in the postseason’s first round. Veteran mid laner Febiven will be partnering up with Kobbe to lead the team to success. Start date for the 2020 LEC Summer Split will be June 12.

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