Have you ever tried smashing a cockroach with a broom, only to have it lay low for a while and then jump up again like hell, only fiercer? That’s League of Legends European Masters for ya.

With the coronavirus breathing down their necks, trying to smash down all heads above ground, some of Europe’s League of Legend’s European Masters’ best are ready to rumble once more, this time in April 6.

With Europe full of up-and-coming talent, it has become one of the best regions worldwide, and its Masters Tournament a wide-open jar full of rising stars. Riot Games, sorry to see such fine dudes go to waste, confirmed it’s returning next month.

No shortage, no misery. Tons of teams to watch and talent-scout. The 2020 EU Masters official schedule includes the following dates and stages: from April 6-9 you get the Play-Ins (Partner broadcast), while from April 13-May 2 you get the Groups (Riot broadcast & partner broadcast); May 4-5 gives you Quarterfinals or Knockout stage for the best-of-three (Riot broadcast & partner broadcast), on May 9 you get the Semifinals (Riot broadcast & partner broadcast), and finally, on the last date, May 10, you get the Finals (Riot broadcast & partner broadcast). Riot Games will not be broadcasting the Play-ins, but you can find them on their partner broadcast. Official streaming channels will take care of the rest.

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2020 EU Masters Participating Teams

A total of twelve prequalified teams from Italy, DACH, France, Spain, Poland, U.K., Nordics, and Balkans will head directly into the group phase. A total of sixteen other teams from European countries will have to fight for their right (and spot) in pool play. They will be doing a double round-robin bracket and a play-in knockout phase to prove they’re not unworthy.

Many shall rise, but only some will become top dogs, as some have made Misfits Gaming’s roster, and others have made MAD Lions in Berlin. It’s on!

BTW, just to make sure it made it through your skull, the LEC will be running the production for the European Masters ONLINE. It’s a coronavirus thing.

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