You won’t want to miss it!

Make sure you don’t wake up too late tomorrow morning, League of Legends fan, as Riot Games has prepared a very special live streaming event for Friday morning, featuring all the LoL novelties for the starting new season, plus a few other goodies you’re likely to enjoy just as much. 

Exclusive reveals on new stuff coming for League of Legends -as well as some other cool stuff pertaining to other Riot titles- will be dished out on Friday, via the League of Legends Opening Day Livestream on Youtube, sometime around 10 AM Eastern. The scoop will include new details on upcoming content for the classic League of Legends game, as well as some updates for Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra and LoL’s Wild Rift. 

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League of Legends LPL 2021 – Betting Odds *

Jan 9 / 2 AM CentralTop Esports-667VSSuning+358
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Jan 10 / 2 AM CentralTeam WE-435VSRogue Warriors+287

*Odds are subject to change. 


League of Legends Season 2021 Opening Day Livestream

The year that just ended -and a certain virus of unknown (Chinese!) origin- wreaked all kinds of havoc in the League of Legends community worldwide, bringing out plenty of disruption of the pre-planned esports schedule, as well as the alteration of the very nature of the major tournaments, which had to flip from in-person events to nearly wholly remote situations. In the end, Riot pulled off a half-assed Grand Final to it’s tormented 2020 season that ended up in DAMWON Gaming snatching another Worlds’ Championship title. No surprise there!

Nevertheless, Riot is looking forward to a brand-new year of League of Legends action, which they’ll be spilling on during the Opening Day Livestream on Friday morning. According to the LoL sources, the broadcast will feature new updates for League of Legends, the Legends of Runeterra card game and the Teamfight Tactics spinoff, plus some juicy intel on the soon-coming North American version of Wild Rift. 

The live broadcast is scheduled to begin by 7 AM PST/10 AM ET. 

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