“Dreams of glory, echoes of the past, the journey to stardom. It all starts in Spring.” 

From  LPL’s official Weibo page – January 2nd, 2021

Following in the footsteps of the just-ended LPL All Star event, the League of Legends 2021 Spring Split will open up the 9th year of China’s LOL professional scene, putting together seventeen remarkable teams from the Asian superpower starting on January 9th. 

Expect the Unexpected! Throughout the brief off-season many teams went on to make substantive roster updates, and two teams even went on to change their names entirely. 

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Team Name Changes and Other Shenanigans 

I wonder when Chinese Spring begins, because, on this side of the Pacific we often have to wait all the way until February for the groundhog to notice his own shadow, and then some more. In any case, Riot announced that the best League of Legends spring action will kick off early on January 9th (3 AM Central), so ready that pesky alarm clock of yours and tune in the English-based broadcast streams that will be made available via Twitch and YouTube Gaming. 

Get ready for some surprises, as some of the teams decided to make a “one-eighty” on their roster, such as LGN Esports, who’ve snatched jungler Tarzan from LCK; alternatively, two teams chose to change their names: Vici Gaming will now be known as Rare Atom –cool name if you ask me!– and Dominus Esports will now be called TT… just TT. Simple.  

LPL 2021 Spring Split

Participating Teams

Bilibili Gaming
EDward Gaming
e Star
FunPlus Phoenix
Invictus Gaming
JP Gaming
LNG Esports
Oh My God
Rare Atom (formerly Vici Gaming)
Rogue Warriors
Team WE
Top Esports
TT (formerly Dominus Gaming)
Victory Five

Even though a full event calendar isn’t out yet, we’ve managed to put together the listings -and times- for the two starting matches below:

LPL 2021 Spring Split

January 9th, 2021 – Day 1 

3:00 AM CentralTop EsportsTBDVSSuningTBD
5:00 AM CentralOh My GodTBDVSEDward GamingTBD

As done in previous editions, the regular tournament will follow the format of single round-robin/Best-of-Three matches, over a period of ten weeks right up until March 28th. 

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