League of Legends esports action is finally back, with two special and unique tournaments featuring some of the world’s leading LoL talent: the Mobile Legends M2 World Championship and the kick-off of the LCK Spring Split 2021

The second-ever Mobile Legends event, set to begin by January 18th, will be held at the super-luxurious Shangri-la Hotel in Singapore, carrying a massive $300K prize pool for the lucky winners.  Meanwhile, in Korea, the top LoL players are gearing up to compete in the LCK Spring Split a few days prior, for a juicy $3.6 million purse. Who wouldn’t want THAT! 

As is customary for us here at crazy blog eFCKNsports, we put together all the saucy facts of both events for your viewing right here, alongside the latest League of Legends Betting Odds, courtesy of online esports hub, appearing right below these lines:

League of Legends – LCK Spring Split 2021 

Betting Odds *

Jan 15 / 1 AM CentralFredit BRION+580VSGen.G-1000
Jan 15 / 4 AM CentralDAMWON Gaming-435VST1+294
Jan 16 / 1 AM CentralLiiv SANDBOX-152VSKT Rolster+114

*Odds are subject to change. 


Mobile Legends M2 World Championship

Taking place in exotic Singapore between the dates of February 18th thru 24th, the 2nd iteration of the top Mobile Legends events will feature twelve of the finest M2 teams from all across the world, coming from as distant places as Brazil, Russia, Indonesia and Japan; the ensembles will all be competing for a massive $300,000 prize pool.

Divided into four different groups (A,B,C & D), the participating teams will fight throughout two initial group stages, with several matches happening each day. The best single teams coming out from each group will then earn a direct ticket to the Playoffs stage, planned to begin on January 22nd and consisting of four total Best-of-3 matches. Lastly, the Grand Final will be played as a Best-of-7 on February 24th. 

LCK Spring Split 2021

Tune in on January 13th to your favorite esports stream for the start of one of the world’s leading LoL competitions! – The LCK Spring Split 2021 brings together ten of Korea’s top teams -including world champs DWG KIA (formerly DAMWON Gaming), T1 and Gen.G-, all vying for a respectable prize pool of over $3 million USD.

The best six teams emerging from the early group stage (round-robin format/Best-of-3 Series format) will then advance on to the Playoffs, which will then turn to Bo5 matches, sometime around March 31st. The Split’s winner will then cash in an amazing $180,000 single prize, plus a spot in the upcoming mid-season Invitational. 

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