-The Mid-season Invitational tournament wrapped up its initial group stage this Wednesday. 

-The Rumble stage begins this Friday with a series of top matches between regional favorites.

LOTS of LOL action to come this weekend!

So, you thought you’d ran out of good esports betting options?

Think again! Riot’s Mid-season Invitational (or MSI for short, not to be confused with the PC hardware developer) has already reached the end of its initial group stage, and now prepares to jump-start the exciting Rumble stage, in which the two top teams from each region will compete with their similars from distant locales. 

Just to make sure we’re all under the same understanding, the MSI is a special off-the-grid type tournament, featuring winners from the twelve individual Riot leagues from across the globe. This will be the sixth iteration of the Riot-organized event, and the winners are all competing for a juicy prize pool of $250,000.oo, out of which $75K will go to the winner, $50K to the second place, and $25,000 will be awarded to whichever team lands on third in the final count. 

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League of Legends – Mid-season Invitational 2021

Betting Odds, courtesy of*

May 14th – 6:00 am CentralDWG KIA-111VSRoyal Never Give Up-120
May 14th – 7:00 am CentralMAD Lions-667VSPentanet GG+440
May 14th – 8:00 am CentralTalon+331VSDWG KIA-500

*Odds are subject to change. 

MSI Rumble Stage starts this Friday!

So, May 14th is the date set for the beginning of the so-called Rumble stage of the MSI, with a series of six head-to-heads between the top teams stemming from the recently ended group phase, and just to avoid any confusion for our readers, each one of the surviving/participating squads will be playing twice on the same day, exactly as it had gone on before in the tournament. 

The Rumble is scheduled to finalize by May 18th (next Tuesday), and from that point on forward the teams with the hottest round-robin records will move on to the last bracket. 

DWG KIA vs Royal Never Give Up is the first listed duel for Friday, and most fans’ eyes are fixed on it utterly, as the match represents the most-likely case of a final match situation for the tournament. As per our most recent check-up, Royal Give Up possesses a tiny advantage over its rival, listed with a -120 money line price ($120 bet will pay you back $100), while DWK is lagging slightly behind with a -111 price instead. 

In a much better position we found the folks from MAD Lions, who stand as strong favorites over Pentanet.GG with a whopping -667 money line price, but if “underdogs” are more your thing, you might want to give a quick look at their adversaries, who are now paying $440 for every $100 invested. 

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