-Riot Games opened up a special ‘Pride’ month merchandise shop today.

-Pride items include hoodies, mugs, t-shirts and other collectibles. 

Pride Month has officially begun!

Whether you’re a supporter of the LGBTQAI+ movement or not, the truth is, starting today -June 1st-, many free nations across the globe will raise their multicolor flags in celebration of diversity, as applied to sexual preferences… as well as for many other things we’re not quite sure what they are.

Don’t get us wrong! – We’re all for diversity at eFCKNsports, regardless of the technical definition, and in wanting to join the global efforts for acceptance and tolerance, we couldn’t let go of the opportunity of tipping you off on the latest special sale prompted by the folks behind our beloved League of Legends, aka Riot Games. And Hey! – It’s all for a good cause in the end, as all profits obtained from the sales will go to a foundation dedicated to spreading the same virtuous principles. 

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League of Legends – Championship Series

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June 4th, 2021 – 3 pm CentralTeam Liquid-152VSTeam SoloMid+114
June 4th, 2021 – 4 pm CentralEvil Geniuses-152VSDignitas+111
June 4th, 2021 – 5 pm CentralGolden Guardians+517VSCloud9-1000

*Odds are subject to change. 

Hoodies, Tshirts, Mugs and even a Fan!

Alright. We know what you’re thinking… “Just check out these Riot people, making money just outta anything and everything.” Yes. Granted, Riot Games WILL indeed make some money from their newly-opened online shop of special LGBTQAI+ merchandise, but according to their very own words, all the earnings  will be going to the so-called.’It Gets Better Project’, an entity dedicated to supporting youths dealing with acceptance issues from around the world. 

The Pride shop isn’t necessarily a new concept all on its own, not in Riot Games “lore” ‘per se’, as the company has many times put out special tidbits in its celebration. Only a few days back, they released a set of new Pride cosmetics for League of Legends and VALORANT as well. Similar stuff has come to stuff up the repertoire of other games from their library.

What does the new Pride shop with it bring?

Well, nothing all that special to be perfectly honest, just some special memorabilia inspired by the Pride celebrations. They include a ‘2021 Pride Fan’ (at $20 per unit), a ‘2021 Unisex Pride Hoodie’ (at $55 per unit), a ‘2021 Womens Pride Tee (at $25), and we also found a very cute ‘2021 Pride Mug’ – with a painted decor of a ‘poro’ holding a Pride flag’ costing an affordable 18 bucks. 

You can see the entire list of 2021 Pride merchandise goodies RIGHT HERE

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