With the World Championship typically being a massive event, with impressive and incredible staging and production, knowing they would be confined to a studio disappointed fans all around, but the tech team didn’t think twice and went for it.

So, with Riot Games devoid of worrying about fans not getting an impressive attendance experience, they rolled up their sleeves with the Lux Machina team to build the studio and implement novel stuff never seen before in League of Legends. Except…

With the feisty words, “This is Worlds 2020. It’s time to TAKE OVER” China kicked off the opening ceremony, with a few short-lived singing and dancing live performances, plus some virtual characters also dancing and singing, leaving the theme song choreography for the end; but alas, none of this went over well.

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Many commented that the animations were PS1 avatar-like figures that were very off, and that the camera wasn’t even focusing on the avatar that was currently singing; they called it “the worst Opening Ceremony in Worlds history [sic]” and most said they preferred to go back and check out the 2018 one to shake the feeling off. Defenders countered by saying that the company had only 10 months to whip up the animations and make up the plan, but the detractors just kept piling the shade on mercilessly.

Chinese Disrespect?

Many spectators were also aghast at what they commented was a ton of disrespect from the Chinese crowd towards the DAMWON Gaming team; when the team was presented, they received total silence from the Chinese crowd, and when they raised the trophy, it was also to solid silence. The spectators called out the “crappy crowd”, known for dissing outside teams when tournaments are held in China, and sent their Kudos to DAMWON for not letting this affect their gameplay.

Still, Riot Games did a ridiculously impressive job in putting together the Worlds 2020 Championship, which actually seemed impossible some months ago. The horn-locking between both teams was the winner in the event and what helped make it fun again, disregarding the pettiness of the crowd and the disappointing opening ceremony. All in all, a true breath of fresh air for esports regarding future massive events.

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