-The first ‘playoffs’ round of the Chinese LPl reached a cusp with powerful wins by FPX & Top Esports.

-TES, FPS, EDward Gaming & Royal Never Give Up will engage in more Lol action starting tomorrow Wednesday.

Lots of Gold, Kills and Goals met, during the latest phase of the LPL Spring Playoffs!

The year’s first Playoffs event of the Chinese LoL scene is heating up, and both Top Esports and FunPlus Phoenix are making the best out of the brief tournament.

The Sinese Spring Playoffs started out only a few days ago (April 1st, to be more precise), and will go on until the 18th, with the winning team taking a whopping 2 million Yuan.


Actually, not as whopping‘, since this amount equates to roughly 300k USDollars, but that’s still pretty high in terms of overall Asian pay rate standards. Oh, and there’s also the tiny fact that the winner gets an automatic invite to the Mid-season Invitational. – Not bad, not bad at all!

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LPL Playoffs – Betting Odds*

April 7th – 2:00 AM CentralRoyal Never Give Up-159VSFunPlus Phoenix+122
April 8th – 2:00 AM CentralTop Esports-154VSEdward Gaming+115

*Odds are subject to change.

FPX & Top Esports get ahead at LPL Spring Playoffs

With so many LoL leagues spread out across the world, it becomes sometimes hard to keep up with everything that goes on all around, but there are some things in esports you just can’t ignore, and the Chinese LPLhappenings’ are one good example of one such important event.

Originally gathering a total of 10 teams -with only 4 still vying for the top spots -, the last phase of the local Spring season is one of the finest showcases of LoL talent in East Asia.

Played out as a two ‘King of the Hill’Single Elimination brackets contest (all set throughout as Bo5-series matches), the LPL Playoffs will set the tone for the remainder of the super-busy Chinese scene, and will grant a free pass to the Mid-season Invitational to one single lucky winner.

The match results coming out from the last few days had FunPlus Phoenix & Top Esports, gaining the lead in both working brackets, with identical 3-1 scores over their adversaries JD Gaming (in FPS’ case), and Suning, which finished up just a little earlier this very morning. This put them in a straight collision course with Royal Never Give Up, and EDward Gaming, both scheduled for April 7th and 8th respectively. (See the betting odds in the chart above)

According to the esports betting data provided by our pals at, RNG and Top Esports as small favorites, at -155 money line price, approx. Alternatively, FunPlus & EDward are listed at a +120 tiny ‘underdog’ tag.

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