It is ALWAYS about MONEY in the end!

Are you one of those naive gamers who thinks that a ‘career’ in esports is a win/win situation?  

Think again. The harsh reality of the esports scene is that ONLY the most successful teams in esports leagues can make ends meet, and even those uber-successful organizations find it sometimes difficult to pay the due salaries to their players.  

According to recent reports outed by European online sports magazine L’equipe, the folks at Schalke 04 may be seriously considering the option to sell their spot in the LEC, all in order to alleviate a tough financial situation that has only gotten worse with their poor performance throughout the brief duration of the ongoing 2021 Spring Split.

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League of Legends – LEC 2021 Spring Split

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Feb 27th / 9 AM CentralexceLevenVSSK Gaming-128
Feb 27th / 10 AM CentralSchalke 04-167VSMisfits+124
Feb 27th / 11 AM CentralTeam Vitality+244VSMAD Lions-357
Feb 27th / 12 PM CentralRogue-833VSAstralis+403

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Shalke 04 considering selling their LEC spot to mend financial situation

‘Tis truly sad, when Schalke, one of the founding LEC teams, finds itself in such a dire situation that they can’t think of any other solution but to give away their priced spot. 

Schalke 04 was one of the first esports organizations to grace the LoL scene several years ago, and while their record hasn’t been particularly shameful when compared to other more ‘distressed’ teams in the league, their results haven’t been quite what was needed to get them out of the financial hole.

According to French online sports magazine L’equipe (mind you, it’s in French, if you can’t read it… c’est la vie!) Schalke’s worrisome performances of late in the Bundesliga may be pushing the organization to put their LEC spot for sale. 

For how much? Not a real clue, but the people at L’equipe said it’d probably be close to 20 million euros, which is about 24.1 million US$, for those of you who only speak American.  :p

Problems have been a constant thing for Schalke: Just last year, reports came out indicating that their accumulated debt was estimated in around 200 million euros; on top of that, Clemens Tonnies, the organization’s former president, was also accused back in 2020 of “loosening up” on pandemic health regulations, resulting in a pesky little COVID-19 outbreak at slaughter house of his property. 

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