Set your VPN to the North America region to check out the latest LoL Beta. 

Starting Match 29th, players from the US and Canada will have a chance to taste the open beta for League of Legends: Wild Rift, according to a recent announcement made by the folks at Riots Games.

The newly set date for the LOL Beta launch arrives just one day after the managers of the Wild Rift’s official Twitter account let it all out in a quick video about the pros and cons of attempting to download the preliminary open beta version, that included some very important warnings about VPN usage, and the implicit dangers of doing it the wrong way.

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A Whole Lot of VPN Warnings for Wild Rift Beta in North America

So, the support team stemming from the Wild Rift development matrix took on their help blog to point out some very important facts about its download particulars, including some very crucial warnings about incorrect VPN usage and its expected down-side consequences. 

Expected for an NA launch this next March 29th, the open beta download will be available to Android and iOs users, and they won’t need to complete the registration process to do it. However, before you decide to go on VPN-savvy from a different location, or, in case you happen to be one of those wise-ass*s who downloaded the beta by faking a different IP from a country outside of the US, then, there’s a few things you probably should know beforehand: 

Important Wild Rift Open Beta Facts for NA Players

  • The download of the Wild Rift open beta is available to players from their phones app store starting March 29th, 2021. 
  • No registration is required.
  • US/Canada players who already downloaded the beta by using a VPN service to fake a different IP address ought to make sure to keep their VPN service off before download. Once they access the NA server, it will automatically request to switch a location to North America. KEEP IN MIND THAT, IF YOU ATTEMPT TO MAKE USE OF THE BETA AFTER COMPLETING THE DOWNLOAD, WHILE YOUR VPN IS POINTING TO A DIFFERENT LOCATION, YOU WILL FACE LOGIN ISSUES.
  • Additionally, if there IS a move from another location into the American servers, all those older accounts with tons of pre-existing content will see it lost. Furthermore, you will be forced to start from level one.
  • Riot also stated that they would be restoring any previously purchased Wild Cores to those accounts that suffer any content losses due to migration. 
  • Players who are forced to start from level one will find a little comfort in the fact that Riot has also planned a special event for North America, that comes packed with tons champions, blue motes, XP, and older content from previous events. 
  • Players with a NA-fixed account will only be able to play on that same North American server with other localized players. 

Sounds like you might want to wait a little bit for the final lot!

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