-Netflix & Riot announced Monday that ‘Arcane’ will be dropping during fall of this year. 

-Jinx & archrival Vi appear to be pivotal characters in the new LoL animated show. 

“A Netflix animated event series”

So says the new brief teaser trailer/announcement posted earlier today (Monday) on YouTube, and elsewhere on social media, by both Riot Games and online streaming service Netflix.

The long-awaited ‘Arcane’ show will be finally hitting the online waves sometime after this summer, after suffering an unexpected delay due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, and it appears to revolve around a story arc surrounding characters Jinx and her rival Vi, engaged in some kind of altercation, plus some other things we couldn’t quite put our fingers on. 

What is it all about?

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What’s coming in Netflix’ New ‘Arcane’ show?

That, my friends, is not an easy question to answer. Todays’ 19-second-long video trailer gave us little else but a few glimpses of what is to come. 

Apart from the long-awaited official date for the series (Fall 2021), the new teaser trailer provides little in terms of story queues or plot leaks, especially when you compare it with the larger teaser we had gotten over a year ago.  In short, the new vid featured very brief action scenes between what looked to be our beloved characters Jinx and Vi, plus a couple of other heroes that we could not easily identify.

Is it a ‘prequel’, an origin story, or is it something else?

Though many fans had pointed before to the possibility of the new Arcane show being a “beginning” story for the rivalry between Jinx and Vi, the very few close-up shots of the characters we found in the trailer featured them as grown-up heroes, so we think it unlikely it will have to do with anything that relates necessarily to the past… Maybe a new alternate reality of some sort?  Not a clue.

Then, there’s this other (female?) hero making an entrance amidst green flashes while on a flying board. Who could SHE be? – We’re betting on the new hero that Riot has been hinting  at for a while, but besides her air surfing abilities, the only thing we could notice was the many tattoos on her arms. A new marksman? – Possibly. 

Finally, there’s something about some purple-colored matter, that’s causing a lot of trouble in Runeterra… and that was likely the very thing we saw Jynx fighting against during one scene.

And that is all from our editing room… for now. 

Don’t Worry! –  We’ll keep you posted with any updates as soon as they arrive. 

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