Betting prices are often very good markers of a team’s real chances at any given game, however, they can also be tricky…. Real tricky, and the surest of bets -on a first glance- might not be so for the trained eye. Week 2 of the LCS Summer Split Playoffs opens up with a mystery to behold: sturdy Cloud9 vs FlyQuest. Can the latter pull an upset and push C9 away from the championship title? Stick with us and get some factoids and betting odds for the starting matches.

Luke, it’s a TRAP!

Cloud9 looked all nice and effective during the first half of the regular Summer Split, later suffering setbacks that nearly took them out of the playoffs, reaching the end with only 4 wins and snatching the second place all the same. Sure, C9 has shown the play sophistication we’ve come to expect from a seasoned warrior, nevertheless, confidence isn’t necessarily the feeling that is manifested in the betting scene. According to our latest check-up upon’s available betting odds, Cloud9 is currently set at -526 money line price*Remember you can also turn to LevelUp to stream your favorite games!


FlyQuest used the first week of the Playoffs to establish a little bit of authority, by stomping on the hopes of Evil Geniuses with a 3-2 final score. They will have to prove they got what it takes to remain alive. FlyQuest are set at an interesting +327 ml price, making them a terribly attractive underdog bet to kick off the new round.

LCS Summer Split – Playoffs – Betting Odds *

Week 2

August 20th

4PM ET / Cloud9 -526 ml vs FlyQuest +327 ml

August 21st

4PM ET / Team Liquid -556 ml vs Golden Guardians +355 ml

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*Odds are subject to change.