-SolaFide Esports owner Colin Ethan was suspended by Riot on Monday.

-Riot’s decision arrived after team players expressed concerns over lack of pay.

-The suspension expires by 2024.

More ‘money’ issues in Esports!

According to a statement posted yesterday (April 26th), Riot has officially suspended Colin “Oddity” Ethan for a three-year period, following complaints of lack of payment made by members of the SolaFide Esports team

The ruling – announced via the LoL Esports page – comes to cement the effective withdrawal of Ethan’s represented ensemble from the scene, after its roster confirmed a stoppage to the action in direct response to the financial crisis within the organization.

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Oddity banned from League of Legends League

So, the cries of unpaid SolaFide Esports players reached the high end of the LoL League circuit, and it resulted in the effective suspension of its owner Colin “Oddity” Ethan on Monday.

As stated by LoL Esports in regards to the action:

SolaFide Esports had not paid the agreed upon wages of its players, coaches and management staff… Furthermore, Oddity did not fulfill his obligations and commitments to Team Members regarding payment, and withheld prize money from SolaFide players and coaches. The LCS views this as conduct beyond the confines of the best interests of Proving Grounds and other Riot-sanctioned leagues. “

Oddity was quick to respond to Riot’s decision – find the link on Twitter -, in which he connects last year’s pandemic to the problem, plus some other undefined ‘bank transfer’ issues:

With the strenuous complications caused by COVID-19 felt by many, here at SolaFide we have also been affected. Unfortunately, this coupled with the inability to transfer funds internationally has caused us significant accounting issues which has made us unable to pay out our contracts in a timely fashion.”

Geez! Seems like everyone’s using the virus to make up for deficiencies of late. :/

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