• It’s another Worlds patch right after the previous one
  • League of Legends lead designer spilled the beans
  • Changes are conservative since the game can’t be changed

And, yes, we have a new Worlds patch! It buffs, while it puffs, and it’s for the upcoming tournament, like we mentioned here in an earlier bit of news.

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THE League of Legends World Championship is set to play on a new patch and, as preview has it, it’s ready!. Patch 11.19 comes with changes galore and just in time for the leading League of Legends tournament. This is the second one of the patches Riot implemented for the tournament, with patch 11.18 having been released only a few days ago. 

Head gameplay designer Jeevun Sidhu has spilled the beans, I mean, was nice enough, and shared the preview for the game’s upcoming Patch 11.19 update. While it comes with many changes, Sidhu commented on Twitter they aimed conservatively because of their incapability of changing the game itself (somebody didn’t think things through!)

Worlds has always been played on just one patch for the duration of the whole tourney: as rumor has it, some 80 to 100 games are generally played without one single, solitary change throughout the event, but hey, it’s Riot’s time once again to do whatever it fckn wants. 


Buffs are going to be gotten (is that even grammarly?) by archetypes like assasins. In fact, this new patch 11.19 is focusing specifically on solo lane roaming champs. Not to name-drop, but champs Akali, Fizz, Gwen, Qiyana, and Sylas are among the ones getting all buffed-up before Worlds splashes in. 

Weirdly, Fizz is a strange choice to buff, since he had already gotten an already extensive ‘makeover’ in previous Patch 11.18, but it seems like those changes are being reverted for Worlds since they were feeling a bit on the strong side in the currently active patch. To compensate, Fizz is getting a small decrease in the cooldown on Playful/Trickster (E). 

This upcoming patch will also implement changes in the base health regeneration stat; it is being increased for the likes of Akali and Gwen, plus Sylas’ getting buffed regarding his health and mana regen. Qiyana will go on getting buffs to her jungling capabilities, with the damage she can inflict on monsters from Edge of Ixtal (Q) being upped by one fourth. 

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad Worlds…

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