• /All chat in matchmade League queues to be disabled
  • Toxic verbal abuse is culprit for Riot’s change
  • Upcoming Patch 11.21 will disable the chat feature

So, League of Legends matches have been having an issue with verbal abuse, and Riot just plain put their foot down: No /all chat for you!

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Well, ok, it’s actually the people who indulge in unloading their toxic waste into the chat who are the culprits. There have been issues flying around because of the verbal abuse present in the /all chat feature during the League of Legends matches. Soooo, the /all chat feature in every matchmade queue will be getting the axe in Patch 11.21.

Yes, the /all chat can be fun, yes, it’s a way to communicate between teams, yes, it can be used for letting stress out, said Riot, but now the negative outweighs the positive and they’re getting it shut down in the upcoming patch, they said in their reveal post.


This is not a new issue here. Toxicity between teams has been doin’ the rounds for many, many years, until Riot just plain got fed up with it and stoned it. Nevertheless, Riot believes that, while there is also a ton of toxicity within one’s own team, it’s not as hardcore because many positive stuff comes from in-team chatting. The problem with Chernobyl-level toxicity is the one between teams, so that’s why they decided to disable the /all chat. There’ll still be abuse, they said, but team chat is important for team coordination even if there are jerks, jerks everywhere (well, they said something of the sort.)


The /all chat will be the only communication feature that’s getting mangled in Patch 11.21. Any emotes used on Summoner’s rift will be still heard and seen, champion mastery flashing will be enabled, as well as CTRL-1/2/3/4. Post-game lobbies will still be cross-team, so all in all (pun not intended) the /all chat function is the only one with a slash and an uncertain future.

The release for Patch 11.21 is set to take place on the live servers this upcoming Wednesday, October 20th, so if you’re one of the potty-mouths (rather, fingers) who made this disablement happen, you can thank yourselves with a pat on the back for making this happen… NOT. Thanks, guys, that was a swell move.

At least the team chat is still around… don’t fck this up, too!

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