Apparently there are some changes up ahead for the LCS Spring Split!

It seems Riot wants to mess things around a bit after Cloud9 dominated the League of Legends Split and didn’t qualify for Worlds in the summer, which signifies the end for the Spring event. Since the team failed at qualifying for Worlds after having dominated the scene towards the LCS Spring Finals title, there were no Championship Points being awarded for Spring Split placings for this year, which rendered Cloud9’s success totally useless.

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*Odds are subject to change. 


No more LCS Spring Split… Per Se!

Either way, it looks like the league’s Spring Split, which traditionally went from January through April, is going to be replaced with a one single season format, which is weird since no major regional league with a decent track record doesn’t have two splits at the least. 

This new-fangled system ensures each one of the teams plays each other 5 times during the season, which is one more game than the format has right now. 

There will be a kick-off tournament, with the three days of broadcasts going on “full” so the league can stuff the additional games into the timespan. Furthermore, you can expect more bouts between Academy and the noobies. For example, teams like 100 Thieves Next, also known as 100X, which is an amateur sidekick for 100 Thieves, can look forward to proving themselves against top Academy talent. This could mean more pro teams following suit and scooping up young noobs to rig up a third-tier amateur scenario.

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