• Riot releases a clip from their upcoming LoL animated series, Arcane… yet again 
  • No official date as of yet, but Netflix is in on it. 
  • More frequent promotional material predicts a release date in a very near future… OK, that’s all we got.

It seems League fans are still waiting for the actual release date of the new animated series Arcane, but Riot Games is having a blast just tossing clips at the fans since June. 

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That first clip they tossed the masses in June shows a more recent (older, if you will) version of Vi and Jinx, but the latest clip goes back and shows a teenage Vi predicting some type of future respect from the city for an also teenage Jinx, while we all wait outside in the cold for the official release date.

This recent clip is a 2-minute discussion between Jinx and Vi on the rooftops of their Piltover hometown, which ends with the “respect” prediction, not after they have pointed out several landmarks and described the memories attached to them (come to think of it, Riot’s got this dark humor thing down pat.) 

Either way, Arcane is a League of Legends animated series first mentioned during Netflix’s Geeked Week (as we said earlier, Netflix is in on it,) and promises to take place in the techno-paradise city of Piltover, plus its counterpart city Zaun, a place of technological terror. Zaun members constantly invade the streets of Piltover to revel in mayhem and chaos, a situation which now makes a wild turn and focuses on Jinx, who happens to have been the sister of one of Piltover’s best cops (Vi) turned chaos-prone criminal from Zaun.  

But don’t think this last clip from Riot was some type of a mean tease using the most boring scene from the series; the flashbacks in the trailer let us know this particular relationship is crucial and central to the storyboard of Arcane, and they were supposed to provide us with more intel on the characters’ backdrop.

The series is produced in collab with Fortiche Productions, which worked with Riot on LoL animated shorts, including the K/DA girl group animated music video. Who are they, you say…


League of Legends has its own fictional K-pop girl group, and they even appeared at last weekends’ World Championship Finals; there, they debuted a new song/video called “Pop/Stars”, and the band behind the music is known as K/DA. 

They are real singers including two real-life K-pop group singers from the (G)I-dle group. The “Pop/Star” video has League characters, and it’s actually all just a scheme to sell new skins for the game. But people online and non-LOLers are being swept away by them. The visuals and the tunes have been catching on fiercely, regardless if you’re a League fan or not. 

Great stuff. Yet we’re still here without one measly release date (am I ever gonna stop?) 

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