• It’s official: Riot ant Innersloth team up and reveal a crossover
  • On November 12, Among Us players can purchase Arcane costumes
  • Riot has created RiotX Arcane to celebrate the new show, and it’s already started…

It’s official: in order to celebrate the new Netflix show Arcane, Riot and Innersloth are teaming up to release a League of Legends / Among Us crossover after yet another teasing bout about the collab.

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It’s Piltover time, and the team-up is looking to bring together two, very unlikely worlds consisting of League of Legends and Among Us (really? Those two?)

Starting on November 12th, Innersloth will be making available to players of Among Us costumes for the crewmates that reek of League champs from the new animated series Arcane. These champs include Vi, Jinx, and Heimerdinger. The cosmetics will come in a bundle and they include upgrades for many League champs, plus a Piltover Enforcer. Once this bundle is acquired, the cosmetics are unlocked through the Arcane Cosmicube. The trailer shows –pretty much– one Among Us crew member using a “Heimer” skin (League of Legends champ Heimerdinger) and another as an “Enforcer” from Arcane’s Piltover City. Just keep in mind this Among Us in-game event for Arcane will begin on November 12th and will no longer be after the end of the year.


This collab with Innersloth comes from Riot’s wanting to celebrate with a month-long RiotX Arcane event. On Riot’s side, they have featured Arcane characters in Fortnite and PUBG: Mobile, and in other in-house titles. Arcane is now streaming on Netflix, with three new episodes set to air this Saturday, November 13th.

What of RiotX Arcane? Riot created it to celebrate the drop of Arcane; it includes three special events from November 6 thru 20. The current event for RiotX Arcane is Progress Day, from November 7-13 focusing on a Piltovan-themed festivity full of in-game events and new techie innovations. Then from November 14-20, RiotX will finish off the festivities with Undercity Nights, a final event with in-person and online events.

It’s already started. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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