There seems to be a new line on the way for League of Legends, and it has Riot teasing merrily about it; they have dropped a new image for what looks like a new colorful line of skins purporting mystery, crests and royalty.

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A New Crested Skin?

The image Riot chose for the teaser is a collection of five elegant and baffling crests, all sporting different colors. The tweet Riot posted for the teaser, read, “A symbol of her royalty, a queen’s crest is as much a reward as a responsibility” It must be said, the teaser crests look very much like the 2019 Trials event icons. These icons, if you recall, required players to choose one of four houses and compete to collect the most points for the selected house. This is looking more and more like the release of the new skin line is also gonna bring a possible event, which either duplicates or at least resembles last year’s event.

Not long ago, in September, there was a developer update where Riot alerted of “one more new thematic” that was coming this year 2020; the update had an image bearing 6 swords. Those colors lined up nicely with the crest colors of the teaser, but there’s a twist: there’s an extra sword present, and its gold in color. This could very well point in the direction of a Prestige version coming our way.

Now, Riot passed an update in July detailing the Prestige skins to be presented this 2020, and the one scheduled to receive a Prestige skin before the year end is Diana; since the slight curve on the blade of the golden sword is very suggestive of the Scorn of the Moon, fans had better keep their eyes peeled for more info in the weeks to come!

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