• Riot wants 23 champs in the buff (lol) in upcoming patch
  • Goal is to get as many in before Worlds starts
  • Patch 11.18 to be released September 9

Riot hears Worlds growling at its doorstep and wants to squeeze in as many changes and buffs as possible before it starts.

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It’s Riot’s buff-time again, with the upcoming World Championship breathing down its neck. The plan is to buff 23 champions in Patch 11.18 before Worlds kicks off in a couple of weeks. This specific patch is Part 1 of Riot’s Worlds patches, with patch 11.19 to be the one to finish it off. 

Patch 11.18 is one of the biggest ones League of Legends has planned so far. They want to balance out as many champs on the game’s roster as they can; Jeeven Sidhu, who is to blame for these decisions, ehem, I mean, who is the Lead Game Designer for LoL, even commented that any changes on this patch were not being made based on matching buffs for nerfs 1-to-1. Riot appears greedy this time around, striving for 23 champs to get a buff-over and with 9 more to get some changes done. 


Patch 11.18 will have a total of 32 champs receiving changes, with 23 of them set to receive buffs. The champs are getting buffed regarding their jungle capabilities only; among these are Lillia, Qiyana, Talon and Zed. Talon and Zed will have to wait till next patch to get specific abilities (Rake –W– for Talon and Contempt for the Weak –P– for Zed) buffed against jungle monsters. Taliyah will be the only one getting buffed in jungle stuff in the upcoming patch. Top lane and AD carry positions also got in on the fun, with five different champions being buffed in Patch 11.18; mid lane and support players only got four champs on the buffing queue for this patch. 

We still gotta see if all these buffs and changes are being thrown about will actually get done and make it live before Worlds rolls in. Some specific lane-focused champs actually got their jungling buffed before the recent Mid-Season Invitational kicked off, so there’s some food for thought.

According to the game’s official schedule for patches, this patch is programmed to go live on League of Legends servers this upcoming September 9; still, this patch is only a primer for the next patch, 11.19, on which Worlds will be played. 

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