-Royal Never Give Up achieves the unexpected and wins second MSI title of its career. 

-DWG KIA ends up falling by the wayside.

It was RNG’s turn to shine

Who’d have said it? – Royal Never Give Up are second-time winners of the classic LoL Mid-season Invitational, and what a Sunday series it was!

China is back at the center of the league’s limelight after the very successful run of their native RNG team, who effectively beat tourney world champs DWG KIA to become the new MSI masters with an impressive 21-6 total win/loss ratio for the overall event. 

Sure, Royal was never really the strict “underdog” either, and they performed quite well since the tournament’s kickoff, but their final success was not something any pundits had really predicted. 

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RNG beat DWG in MSI’s Finals

The stage was set last Sunday for a fight to the death between China and Korea’s finest. 

LPL’s Royal and LCK’s DWG matched strengths through a very difficult Bo5 Finals series. Truth be told, RNG had plenty of time to rest since their last encounter, while their rivals were hardly ready after having dealt a tough match to MAD Lions only a few hours before. The result, Royal Never Give up ended up on top with a 3-2 score, and thus the trophy as well. 

The stars of Sunday’s series? For RNG’s case, it was definitely Gala, who also ended up with the Finals MVP award under his armpit (6.5 KDA.) Right upon his team’s win, Gala had the following to say to the expecting media: “Every one worked so hard and put all of their efforts into this tournament. We’re all really happy and hyped about winning this trophy and we’re all feeling rewarded.”

On the other hand, Show Maker played a very important role in DWG’s struggle until the very end. Though his squad turned out losers in the end, the player certainly put in a very legit effort into the match. Unfortunately, down the long run, DWG KIA were outclassed by their Chinese counterparts. 

This is the second time anyone LoL league squad has won an MSI title a second time as well, redundantly so, following in the footsteps of old veterans SK Telecom T1 back during the 2016 & 17 runs. 

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