• Held in Iceland, not China (in case you haven’t got a clue)
  • Changes in format
  • Which seeds are gonna be playing

This year, the 2021 League of Legends World Championship is being hosted in Iceland, at the Reykjavík’s Laugardalshöll Indoor Sporting Arena, but there are some format changes that you need to know about.

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The League of Legends Worlds is going to be hosting 22 teams in month-long tourney, which has three states.


This stage takes place starting on October 5th and it features 10 teams.

Included are first seeds from:  CBLoL (Brazil), LJL (Japan), LCO (Oceania), LCL (Commonwealth of Independent States, LLA (Latin America), and TCL (Turkey.) These first seeds are namely: 

  • RED Canids Infinity Esports
  • DetonatioN FocusME Galatasaray Esports
  • PEACE Unicorns of Love

Also, the second seed from PCS (South East Asia): 

  • Beyond Gaming

Plus, the third seed from LCS (North America): 

  • Cloud9

And last, but not least, the fourth seeds from LPL (China) and LCK (Korea):

  • LNG Esports
  • Hanwha Life Esports

Play-in Stage Mechanics:

The teams get split up in two groups of 5. They compete in 1 round-robin to see who goes on to the group stage. Top teams of the groups get to advance automatically.

Third and fourth-place teams play a best-of-5 and winners will play off the other groups’ second seeds to fill in the last two spots (if you didn’t get this, blame your kindergarten teacher.) Remember, the four teams that qualify in the play-in stage will also compete in the groups stage.


Ok, now, here’s a plot twist: remember we told you about Vietnam’s 2 teams (VCS, their regional league) dropping out of the tournament because they couldn’t get their visas (well, actually, they didn’t LET them) to travel to Iceland? Well, as a result, LEC’s third seed –Rogue– moved on up like the Jeffersons to the Group Stage, according to a Riot statement on September 9th.

Group stage this year will feature 16 teams, including:

Top three-seeded teams from LCK (Korea,) LPL (China,) and LEC (Europe,) namely:

  • DWG KIA, Gen.G, and T1,
  • EDward Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix, and Royal Never Give Up
  • MAD Lions, Fnatic, and Rogue

Top two-seeded from LCS (North America): 

  • 100 Thieves and Team Liquid

Top-seeded team from PCS (Southeast Asia):

  • PSG Talon

(Play-in stage teams that qualify will also compete here.)

Group Stage Mechanics: 

Each team will be split into 4 groups of 4. 

Group A to Group D teams will be competing in a double round-robin. The top 2 from each group will go on to the Knockout Stage (Ties trigger tiebreakers to decide the outcome.)


This stage will feature the top 8 teams in a best-of-5, single-elimination bracket. Then come the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals, as they usually do, and the winner of the FINAL best-of-5 series is the king of Worlds 2021. 

Don’t miss it; the entire shebang will kick off on October 5th and we’re here to tell you about it. (Or about some of it, at least. Don’t push it.)

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