Top Esports Drop First Game In LPL Summer Split But Win Series Against OMG

In spite of dropping the first game of the LPL Summer Split against the 0-3 League of Legends team OMG, Top Esports went on a winning rampage and managed to beat OMG in week #2 of the Summer Split.

OMG had much of a rough start, but something struck a chord and they won the first match of the series in spite of lagging in damage and gold. Nevertheless, with Top solo laner 369 looking strong and ready to rumble, plus solo laner knight boasting a dominant performance, paired with timely ganks from Karsa, Top Esports took over the rest of the series in spite of losing some teamfights in the end game.


Still, Top should keep star AD carry JackeyLove and support Yuyanjia in check, since they didn’t appear to dominate as they usually do; they were caught out a lot, specifically at some of the most critical times. There is huge pressure on Top’s shoulders, ever since they beat and got their payback against LPL Spring champions JD Gaming three days ago, which you coulda seen if you had streamed on Just sayin’…

Either way, two winning-streak teams will be set out against each other when Top goes against LGD on June 20th, since none of them have lost a single match. This you have got to see!

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