He’s the face of the LOL Team Dynamics squad, a seasoned pro with Heroes of the Storm. He was considered the best dude to touch the Blizzard MOBA, and called “Faker of Hots”. He is Lee “Rich” Jae-won, a Korean star in his own right.

His prowess allowed him to Rank 1 in Hero League, similar to the HOTS Ranked in League. But he didn’t just get there, he stayed there, consistently at the top for 4 years. This is a title that a player like Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok of LOL (to whom Rich is often compared) hasn’t been able to achieve in his career. And now the Faker of HOTS has come to make his home in League of Legends.


“The Faker of HOTS” is a title from which Rich has tried to distance himself since entering LOL; he doesn’t think it’s good to keep on being compared to Faker, for him the greatest player in LoL. “I’m just ‘Rich’ in LoL, so I’d appreciate it if the fans think of me the same way,” he said.

But now it’s Rich, The Faker of HOTS taking on Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, an incredible esports fantasy, where very it’s very rare to see cross-title comparisons between gods become a tangible real-life event: it’s the 3-time League World champion facing off the 3-time HOTS World champion. Which you can stream from LevelUp.bet, as you very well know.

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