This is the kind of stuff we all live for, isn’t it folks? TSM had been something of a drag during most of the ongoing year, but just when we were all ready to give up on them, they’re -quite literally- back in the game with a well-fought victory over troubled Cloud9.

Week 8’s last match for the esports veterans proved pivotal for TSM, by securing a win via effective objective battles, aided by the return of Doublelift, who performed admirably alongside a team of very capable teammates.

Before we continue, make sure to check out the betting odds for the starting Week 9 of the LCS Summer Split, scheduled to commence on August 7th with a fight between aforementioned losers Cloud 9 and Dignitas. More on the odds just a bit down below!


Must-Wartch Week Ahead for LCS Summer Split Fans

Surprises like TSM’s win are precisely what make the latter portion of the LCS such a momentous occasion, with fantastic team play and well-adjusted strategies that truly can show what expert teams are capable of. TSM is scheduled to play against Golden Guardians on August 7th as well, and… last but not least, Doublelift will have a chance at beating up his former team when TSM faces off Team Liquid before the official end of the regular LCS tourney’s run.

According to our latest review of the betting odds -provided by none other than esports action specialists LevelUp.betTeam SoloMid is clear favorite to win the match, with a sizable -182 money line over Golden Guardians, who are currently a humble +135 price themselves.

In spite of the recent frustrations, Cloud9 is featuring a humongous advantage in betting terms next to Dignitas, by posing a staggering -909 ml price over Dignitas. Looks like Cloud9 is the obvious bet, but do we really wanna pay so much?

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