• Doublelift has claims regarding Reginald’s proclivity to verbally assault players
  • Drama continues as DL berates the team CEO’s bad attitude
  • “He’s like a bully,” he claims.

It’s a “he says, he says” drama starring two of the most epic characters in the North American League of Legend’s realm; it continued today as Doublelift picked up where he left off and kept drilling away at TSM’s Andy “Reginald” Dinh’s bad attitude.

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So, to continue with the saga –or drama kings swinging at each other– it’s now Doublelift’s turn to grind away at Reginald’s treatment of the players in his organization. His take on it is that Reginald, “gets away with being a bad person because he’s powerful, because people are afraid to stand up to him, and that’s what I’m sick of.” The rant includes Reginald verbally assaulting players and making them break into tears, which definitely makes for a pretty hefty LoL telenovela


Apparently, Doublelift was ticked off by a recent Reddit post made by the CEO about this past year and the problems faced by TSM during the 2020 offseason. Reggie said Doublelift has talent but is “difficult to work with” since DL’s hesitation towards playing and retiring made it all awkward for 2021, which is why (in Reginald’s opinion) other teams he’s been on have made the choice to remove him.

So this sparks off Doublelift’s tirade, saying that he’s fed up with people avoiding confrontations with the R-guy, because they don’t want to get in his way, due to his lack of “respect and human decency” when dealing with team players and staff.


Soon after DL’s tirade, Reginald released a full explanation of the roster situation on the team’s subreddit. After Doublelift playing around saying he was unsure of wanting to play League of Legends professionally the following year, then jumping and changing his mind about retirement if only TSM signed PowerOfEvil and “any good support player, no matter what language they spoke.” Later, after negotiations with other supports like SwordArt and Lehends hit a snag, TSM started looking at other options from around the world for Doublelift. But here’s where the shite hits the fan…

Doublelift responded that he wouldn’t want any supports that were non-English speakers, and that he “may not be as motivated if we had him play in a roster that didn’t meet his standard of a fully-English speaking roster,” according to Reginald. All this uncertainty surrounding Doublelift’s retirement made the staff and players commit to Lost as starting marksman for the team’s 2021 competitive year, and to sign up SwordArt. So then –again, according to Reginald– Doublelift thought he was replaced by Reginald both times around, but in reality it was the team and staff who were fed up with his constant flip-flopping.

Yeah, flip-flopping only looks good on fish, dude…

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