We’ve finally come to that last stretch of the League of Legends World Championship, and it seems like China and Korea may be headed to a final showdown this year.

The Worlds’ Quarterfinals ended just over the weekend with successes for DAMWON Gaming, Top Esports, Suning and G2 Esports, who now move on to the Semifinals phase, set to begin by October 24th.  The way the Semis are arranged, China’s team will be fighting each other for the final slot, while Europe and Korea will do their own the next day, so, no matter who wins, the host country will have a guaranteed seat to the Worlds’ Final event.

Let us take a quick look at the latest results, followed by the Seminals schedule, alongside the betting odds provided by gaming hub LevelUp.bet.

League of Legends World Championship 2020 – Quarterfinals

Results (October 15th to 18th)

Oct 15thDAMWON Gaming3
Oct 16thSuning3
 JD Gaming1
Oct 17thTop Esports3
Oct 18thGen.G0
 G2 Esports3

Semifinals Schedule (October 24th to 25th) + Betting Odds *

Oct. 24th, 2020DAMWON Gaming-270VSG2+191
Oct. 25th, 2020Top Esports-200VSSuning+143

*Odds are subject to change.

Europe’s Last Chance

The Quarterfinals’ match between Europe’s second-best seed Fnatic and Chinese powerhouse Top Esports, though a Western ratings success, proved to be a tragedy for the former, who lost their opportunity to reach the finals with a 3-2 defeat on Saturday. Over 2.4 million people tuned in via Twitch and Youtube at some point or another, turning this event into one of the most successful esports broadcasts of all time, nonetheless, the rating numbers didn’t include Chinese viewership data, so, it’d be fair to assume that the total figure was twice or thrice as big as reported.

Fnatic’s defeat has turned G2 into the only “Western“ team left in the competition, however, their winning chances look relatively tiny according to the esports pundits, who have them listed at +191 betting price; Korean DAMWON Gaming is expected to win the duel and advance to the Final event, scheduled for October 31st.

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