The Quarterfinals phase of the League of Legends World Championship kicked off today with a resounding victory for DAMWON over fellow Koreans DRX.

The year’s top LoL tournament has resumed in grand style, with a clean and assertive 3-0 win for DAMWON Gaming and will continue throughout the following days with one single Best-of-5 Quarterfinals match between the other surviving teams. Tomorrow’s duel between SN and JD Gaming is scheduled to begin by 5 AM Eastern Time, so we suggest you set up your alarm clock very early in order to enjoy the live experience.

Before we continue, let us take a look at this week’s Quarterfinals schedule, alongside the betting odds provided by esports action hub

League of Legends World Championship 2020 – Quarterfinals
Betting Odds courtesy of *

10/16/20205:30 PM ETSuning+129VSJD Gaming-172
10/17/20205:30 PM ETTop Esports-1111VSFnatic+539
10/18/20205:30 PM ETGen.G-132VSG2-101

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    Effective Teamwork Makes a BIG Difference

    Some victories take ages to be achieved, and others become self-evident early in a match, and today’s match was probably a good example of the latter.

    Don’t get me wrong though!  It wasn’t that DRX didn’t play well necessarily, rather, DAWMON Gaming’s finely-tuned teamwork strategy proved too difficult to beat. Ultimately, DRX failed to reform in time to counter DAMWON and prevent them from collecting all the neutral objectives that led to their speedy win.

    Both DAMWON and DRX reached the Quarterfinals stage of the Worlds 2020 after pushing back T1 and Gen.G during the Summer Split.

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