More FCKN News

More FCKN News is all about intel: we give you all the lowdown on the Geek Culture you love –or love to hate– so you can be in the know while kicking your enjoyment up some very hefty notches.

But… we’re also all about slapping news about in an irreverent, in-your-face way.

This news section is yeah, news, but with a “twisted sort of twist.” Irreverent, cheeky, impudent, disparaging… pick your poison. Why? Because we don’t believe in snowflakery. We do what we do, how we do it. And this is how we do Geek Culture.

Now, just kick back and relax while snorting in laughter at all our takes on everything Marvel and Star Wars; on DC Comics and videogames, and on all that geeky stuff you want to keep tabs on. It’s all out there, and it’s all in here, so enjoy our irreverent skullduggery content. It’s our thing. Make it your thing, too.