Recruiting and hiring during these bleak financial times has been no trouble for Amazon’s Twitch, and it has esports written all over it. Twitch is currently leading a six-figure-salary job market, which makes it the mogul of the coronavirus era. (Coronavirus, wut?)

The spiking growth of esports can be seen on job postings, which have risen up to 43% for esports-related employers (such as game publishers Blizzard Entertainment, Tencent and Riot Games) and also esports platforms, including Twitch, Facebook, Skillz and YouTube. In a market where IT staff and engineers can earn between $100,000 and $160,000, Twitch is leading the job market by paying top dollar.

With regular sports having had to shut down during the pandemic, esports is the one piece of the blanket that didn’t get wet: it is a $1 billion global industry that is filling in the void left by other in-person events and contests in a pandemic that keeps on giving (and won’t stop f*cking us up.) The fact that it exists online and can be played remotely in a virtual realm is what keeps the esports workforce almost intact.



With Twitch being the dominating platform for esports and gaming in general, plus a much sought-after workplace ever since the pandemic made us hit the pause button, it has gone from live-streaming game play for third-party titles to creating its own digital content, not only for esports but also for music and other pop-culture related topics.

John Legend got to perform his new song “Actions” for 139,000+ live viewers for an online fundraising event. It’s our new reality, an online one, a never-ending one. People are escaping into a safe world by picking up a controller. Sports management professor Lisa Neirotti commented, “In this time of isolation, video games are the way that people are building a community. It is already a 35% increase in the size of the people watching, playing, buying equipment.”

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