You will never look at the Batmobile the same way after this. :p

2020 was a crazy year in every possible respect, but just this far into 2021, things are  looking pretty bonkers, even by Charlie Sheen’ standards!

The last saucy Hollywood rumor has it that, Mr Robert Pattinson, aka Mr. insufferable, glow-in-the-dark vampire from the Twilight sh*t movies,  got caught in the ‘act’ alongside new Batman movie co-star Zoey Kravitz, while lying on top of the Batmobile prop on set.

But Wait! There’s More!

And just as if it had been played out in the lurid imagination of a lonely Cosplay fan, the rumors also have it that the bat-cat romance may have recently resulted in a pregnancy for Lenny Kravitz’ only daughter with former Cosby Show star Lisa Bonet. 

Is there any TRUTH to any of the allegations? What’s REALLY going on at the new Batman movie production?

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Holy Species Inter-Sex, Batman!

According to a report posted on CosmicBook.News, two of the film’s stars got caught in copula by the director himself, Mr. Matt Reeves. Allegedly, the incident occurred while on set, after the last day of shooting had concluded, and the entire cast and staff were all supposed to have exited the premises. – Haha…. NOT!

The best part of the Hollowood rumor has it that Pattinson and Kravitz were ‘getting it on’ right on top of the Batmobile prop

Now THAT is an interesting hook up setting. Respect!

The original gossip piece first came up at 4Chan, posted by some alleged ‘insider’ from the production staff: 

I’m working on the set of Batman. So, in about a week or so all media will go after him for what he and Zoe did on the set of The Batman last week… We (me and a lot of workers with Mat Reeves) caught Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz having sex on the Batmobile prop. It’s probably one of the worst things I’ve ever seen in my career now, Matt was so furious he interrupted them. And that’s not all, Zoe took a pregnancy test and she is pregnant and everyone believes it’s Pattinson’s, since October Robert and Zoe started dating in secret, we know about it as we saw them together after work. She recently divorced her husband tho. I’m purely disgusted by their act, both her and Pattinson. All I know is  that Reeves is so furious he might not do The Batman 2 and 3 as he planned and let someone else direct.” (edited for spelling errors)


Reeve’s rage upon the sexy discovery appears to have gotten a bit overboard, as he allegedly went on to say: 

You [Pattinson] are the most entitled narcissistic actor I’ve ever worked with, you go back to work, we finish filming in March and then we are done. I don’t want to ever work with you after this film.”

The last bit of the rumor talked about Matt Reeves having also refused to work with Pattinson in any of the necessary re-shots scheduled for the film’s post-production.

Troubled Gotham

The Batman’s production experience had been a nightmare nearly since the very start: Originally, Reeves had hoped to cast another actor in the lead role, which may have created some unnecessary early friction between Pattinson and the movie’s director. 

Additionally, Pattinson refused to work out during the mandated COVID-19 quarantine and was heavily criticized by die-hard Batman fans, who had never been too pleased with his casting for the Batman role. 

In Pattinson’s defense, comic book fans hadn’t been pleased either with Tim Burton’s choice of Michael Keaton for the 1989 movie adaptation of Bob Kane’s original creation, Val Kilmer didn’t fare any better when he got cast for Joel Shumacher’s campy Batman Forever, and George Clooney’s Batman & Robin -from 1997- nearly finished off the superhero movie genre completely, though it was eventually revived by the sudden and unexpected success of the first two X-Men and the Spider Man films in the early 2000’s. 

The Marvel Cinematic Universe?  – c’mon dude, that’s Kevin Feige territory; a different story all-together. 

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