A recent retail listing popping up from Best Buy is highly suggestive of a Naughty Dog PS5-edition upgrade to be in the works for The Last of Us Part 2.  The highly peculiar listing hints at a forthcoming release for PS5 with an innocent-looking tag on the popular action game’s store page at their website.

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Is a Next-Gen Upgrade in the Works?

The tag included in the store page for the game nonchalantly states “Includes next-gen upgrade” and it is found on the page for the PS4 version, which hints at the game getting a PS5 edition without saying anything regarding what the PS5 updates are going to be. Strangely enough, neither Sony nor Naughty Dog have formally announced this seemingly-upcoming PS5 edition, so we might be in for an unpleasant surprise if we put all our eggs into that one basket. Still, retail giants have a knack for making this type of leaks, so it is still a possibility even if there’s nothing to back it up.

True, the adventure game is already configured to be played on PS5, even supporting the haptic feedback feature on the DualSense controller (all this thanks to backwards compatibility) so one might say the groundwork for the PS5 edition is already laid out, or at least the way has been roughly paved. Since The Last of Us Part 2 is one of the biggest hits this year, it follows to reason that Sony would want to snazz it up for PS5, since it already spruced up the PS5 framerate and lowered the load times for Ghost of Tsushima, so there’s that as a flag for a PS5 pimping.

Still, the lack of comment from Best Buy is something to bear in mind.

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